Just another Thursday...yeah right!

Today started off great...we had MOPs at Wabash today and it was our Mother's Day Banquet. My SIL came over and spoke to our group and it was a great talk. She had so much to say about self identity, repentance, sin, God's love and hope for us, His forgiveness and mercy in our lives. It was so great to see her and know all that she has walked through with God. I am so blessed to have a sister and one who can be such a great mentor to me.

On our way to take Liam to preschool we stopped off at the house to drop Laura of and go to the bathroom. As we do almost every Thursday I opened Liam's door and unbuckled him and headed in the house to use the bathroom. Then I heard a scream and if you know Liam this could be about various things. I had figured he was mad because of his brother, his sock being crinkled...who knows. BUT that was not the case...the poor kid somehow fell out of the car on his head and had a big slit in his head. It was big but not bleeding a whole lot. I took him to the Urgent care as it looked like it needed stitches. He actually had to get a staple in his head. WOW he did not even cry - can you believe it? It was amazing how brave he was - I was very proud of him. I told the gals at the office to leave an open spot for me on the schedule since I seem to be in there so much. They know me by first name and all my kids. This is funny!

Liam will have the staple in his head for 10 days and then we can have it removed. Well I felt horrible about leaving him and then thinking he was crying because he was irritated at something. It is a good thing I have God's amazing grace when it comes to mothering- otherwise I would live in constant fear and anxiety. I am in no way perfect - THAT IS FOR SURE!

Well enough said. Tomorrow is another day...



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