Little Ballerina

Natalie just started Ballet at the community center this past week. She is so adorable!

Happy 6th Birthday Liam!

What do you get when you have 12 Boys 7 and under at your house?

Total fun!

We had 11 of Liam's friends over for his 6th birthday. We have chicken nuggets, applesauce and chocolate milk per Liam's request. He also wanted to have ice cream sundae's. It was so easy to put together which I just loved!

I have to say it was a lot calmer then I expected. The noise level did get loud at one point, but then we had lego stations, DS and Wii stations and the boys just loved it. They all stayed up until midnight and the best part is Grant fell asleep first so we froze his underwear and the boys thought that was a HOOT!

It was a great few days celebrating the big boys day!

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