Dirt Ball Camping 2007

9 Hrs later we arrived in Bend, OR to camp on the Deschutes River just up from Pringle Falls. This is a Hulings family tradition. I have camped with my family since I was a little girl and we have always camped in the same place. This year we had a new spot...because well it is 2007 and we had 1 motorhome, 1 camper, 1 trailer, and 1 5th Wheel (my grandma would be proud that I even know the difference). Then we had 3 tents. There were a total of 20 of us camping. We had such a blast!
There are no bathrooms, no hookups and it is just a BIG dust ball. We fish, read "smut" magazines, swim at S. Twin Lakes, eat and eat some more, drink, fish some more, and just hang out and play games. My favorite game this year was Mexican Train. I did not even play nerts which has always been my favorite. It is so fun to introduce the kids to camping in the great outdoors. They had so much fun. Liam and Reilly caught fish and Reilly loved catching them in the net. Liam loved driving the boat and reeling in. He is not so big on touching the fish. Jason spent a lot of time fishing and loved it! I of course caught the biggest fish (hee hee) a rainbow trout atleast 12 in. We catch and release now.
After day 4 we were all dirty and out of clothes and well ready to come home. The boys were so dirty. I finally had to wash my hair in the river I could not take it anymore. Natalie loved camping. She loved exploring all over and running in the dirt. She took a couple face plants and was covered in a cloud of dust. She even road in the paddle boats out on Twin Lakes. It was a lot of fun for me because I had a lot of help with the kids so I actually got to read a good book and take a nap.
Well we are back home...the trip home was going really well and we made it to Yakima in 5 hours. We were excited that this time we would be home in 7 hrs and then we hit traffic just as we got to Cle Elum. Needless to say we stopped for dinner thinking we would rather have full bellies sitting in traffic then a bunch of crappy pants. We hit the road and drove into the drive way at about 7:30pm. We left the campsite at 9:52am. We stopped only twice. WOW! Thank God for Jason's laptop because the kids got to watch a lot of movies. They were troopers.
I have cleaned out our friends trailer and reloaded it with their stuff. Now I am doing oh...10 loads of laundry just from 6 days. Sad! Just to make sure you understand the pile you see in the picture goes up to the door knob. So sad!
It is beautiful out here today so that makes it nice. Have a great week.

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