New Picture of Natalie 11 months old

It was a nice day today so Liam (my photography assistant) and I went out to try and capture some pictures of Natalie (11 months). She wanted to eat the flower, but Liam kept making her giggle. We had a lot of fun! I found this dress in a pile of hand-me-downs from my neice Maddy. It is so adorable. We took a lot of pictures these are just a few.
Love to all,
Jess & Liam


Rain...Rain...Rain - Seriously will it ever stop!

Well it is Monday morning and a very dreary day. Strange as the forcast really did not predict this then again we live in Seattle. The only place a meterologist can be wrong 50% of the time.

Our chickens are all doing good this morning. I was worried they would be to cold downstairs, but they are just fine. I am not sure they like us to much as they like to poop a lot and on us when we hold them. Reilly is in LOVE he wants to spend every waking moment in the basement with the chickens.

I decided I would do some laundry - I have not done laundry in 3 days - seriously this is 3 days worth of laundry - scary.

The boys have alreadt painted. Reilly's picture is of a roller coaster and Liams is a forest and sun. Now they are off playing Gone Fishin. Another day to try and entertain them inside. Hmmmm. Natalie seems to have a stomach bug. She was up till 11pm last night then 2am, the boys woke me at 4am and I got them back to sleep by sleeping in the guest bed with them. I woke at 5:22am with Natalie to feed her and get her back to sleep. We came down stairs and sat on the couch. She finally fell back asleep and then the boys woke up at 7:30am and I layed her down. I am tired - but thank God for caffine!

Okay well - have a great day. Here are a few prayer request...

1. Kileen - doing good with chemo. Pray for strength and energy.

2. My friend Selina's son Wyatt was diagnosed with "falure to thrive" he is a year old and only 17lbs. They are doing a bunch of testing and just pray they do not find anything major.

3. My sister-in-law Laura is having a surgery today to stop some menstrual bleeding she has been having. She has to be put under - just pray all goes well and they do not get in there and find anything else. Pray she will take the time she needs to recover and not do so much. Her health has been an issue the past year.

Love ya,



Just a catch up...

Okay so I thought I would catch up on my post. The weekend was crazy. I went scrapbooking Friday night and got some of Natalies album done - yahoo! Then Saturday Jacquie (a.k.a Nana) came down in the afternoon. I had a TS party that night so Nana watched the kids and made yummy pork chops. Little Natalie has decided that no one can put her to bed except me and was wide awake and happy as a clam when I got home. Sunday we missed church because Jason had to work, Liam was still coughing and I was not feeling good. We then had small group Sunday night - which was fun!

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. We are just hanging out today enjoying the sun - that has now gone away - boo...hoo! I need to go make dinner.

Love to all,

We have 6 new babies in our family...(don't freak out they are just baby chicks)

Okay so we have been talking about getting baby chicks. Today they had them at the Feed & Supply Store here in Black Diamond so we decided to get some. The boys were in love! We borrowed a bunny cage for their "brodder" and bought the heat lamp, feeder, feed, and water. We went on line to this great website www.backyardchickens.com and found all we needed to know about raising us some chickens.

So may I introduce to you...Freddie, JuJuBee, LullaBell, Firecracker (he is feisty), Thomas (of course) and Lola. We have a few boy names, but that is okay. The boys love their new little chicks and were so cute cuddling them. Natalie just giggles at them. She was down for a nap when I took these.

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