He Got an Elk!

Yes, my husband is a hunter. He started about 4 1/2 years ago bow hunting and he loves it. He goes usually every year,but has yet to get an Elk until TODAY! This photo was just sent to me from his last day of hunting. He got a Cow (female Elk) this morning right after they started hunting. She is close to 700lbs Jason's friend Eric says. I guess it took them all morning to get her out of there. There is nothing like hearing your man so proud that he just provided meat for his family for the winter. A bit "pioneerish" I know, but it really is a circle of life.

I am so proud!

Snow Day

I took the kids and our friend Jacob with us up to Crystal Mt. today to play in the snow and sled. We packed a lunch and some hot cocoa and headed up. It is about a 45min drive from our house. It was a beautiful drive and sunny when we first got there. We sort of "ignored" the "no sledding at Crystal Mt." sign and found a fun place just down the Mt. The kids had so much fun! We had snow ball fights, ate lunch, drank hot cocoa and listend to "Nemo" on tape. Then we did some more sledding and made snow angels. Liam LOVES sledding and is quit the dare devil. Reilly actually like it when he sleds with me. Natalie thought the snow was fun, but she was not so happy about sledding.

All in all it was a great day. We missed daddie as he was off hunting Elk (last day of bow season). We hope he comes home with something!

Tomorrow it is church and then off to see Santa at the "Java Java" coffee house. Reilly calls it the "square room" stayed tuned for those pictures. I am sure Natalie will have a fit as she does not like Santa one bit.


Girls Weekend ~ Seattle 2007

I forgot to post these...I went on an all girls weekend Nov 30-Dec 2 with my two sister-in-laws, Laura and Jodi. We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Seattle. Friday night we enjoyed dinner at Gordon Beirsch and Laura and Jodi stayed up till 2am talking. I was the first asleep and I am not the pregnant one! Then Saturday morning we had massages and spa pedicures and then lunch at Nordstrom Cafe and a full afternoon/evening of shopping. Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at Wild Ginger - it was hot! We came home early on Sunday as Laura had to get over the snowy pass. We had so much fun we decided to make it an annual event. It was great to get to know Jodi better and spend time together as sisters. Now I know why God never gave me siblings because I have all I need in my sisters and brothers. It is such a blessing!

"Cofke Mama Cofke"

Okay so it seems like I have a clone and her name is Natalie. She mimics my every move. I sit, she sits. I brush my hair, she brushes her hair. I drink coffee and she wants "cofke". It would be fine to let her have a sip, but the problem is she takes my entire cup and will not let up on her grip. Last week I spilt and entire cup on my lap trying to get her to let go. So here we are this morning at 6:30am with our "cofke" (hot cocoa) and our coffee (the real stuff) enjoying the morning together. She loves her little Starbucks mug. I had some little donuts from a Moms Club meeting from yesterday...I guess I should not admit I am feeding her donuts at 6:30am. Tis the season!


Tis the Season...to make cookies...fa..la..la..la..lalalalal

It is December and the count down has begun...13 days till Christmas. In the midst of the hustle and bustle we try and remember the "reason for the season". It is hard to teach your preschool and toddlers that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas day. In hopes of teaching my children we are going to be making Jesus a birthday cake this year!

Besides trying to forge Christmas traditions with our kiddo's we have been busy making cookies, wrapping presents and watching all the fun shows (i.e., Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer). The kids are having so much fun. I mean right now as I type Reilly is looking for his "stinking" shoe and telling us to "quit" talking to him. Liam is tattle tailing on Reilly and Natalie is running around with one boot on and one off. Just another day! As I said "Tis the Season".

I got to meet with my good friend Deb on Saturday for lunch and some shopping. It was so great to have adult conversation and to not be interrupted a 100 times. It was great to catch up! I participated in the annual Jingle Bell Run last Sunday (5K). It was soooooo cold. I ran with my cousin, her friend Hilary, and her SIL Mindy. We had our small group Christmas party Sunday evening and we have just off to a running start this holiday season.

Jason is busy with work at Cavanaugh Auto and at the Church. He is loving his job at the church. He is hunting a lot this week as it is his last week of Elk hunting until next year. He got a deer in early season, but he would like to get an Elk. Besides work he has not been doing much.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas with just Jason and the kids. It will be a first for us and I am sure by noon I will miss everyone, but it is good for us. We plan on eating out Christmas Eve and then attending Christmas Eve Service with the kids. I love this time of year!

As always here are some pictures of us.

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