"Cofke Mama Cofke"

Okay so it seems like I have a clone and her name is Natalie. She mimics my every move. I sit, she sits. I brush my hair, she brushes her hair. I drink coffee and she wants "cofke". It would be fine to let her have a sip, but the problem is she takes my entire cup and will not let up on her grip. Last week I spilt and entire cup on my lap trying to get her to let go. So here we are this morning at 6:30am with our "cofke" (hot cocoa) and our coffee (the real stuff) enjoying the morning together. She loves her little Starbucks mug. I had some little donuts from a Moms Club meeting from yesterday...I guess I should not admit I am feeding her donuts at 6:30am. Tis the season!

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