Snow Day

I took the kids and our friend Jacob with us up to Crystal Mt. today to play in the snow and sled. We packed a lunch and some hot cocoa and headed up. It is about a 45min drive from our house. It was a beautiful drive and sunny when we first got there. We sort of "ignored" the "no sledding at Crystal Mt." sign and found a fun place just down the Mt. The kids had so much fun! We had snow ball fights, ate lunch, drank hot cocoa and listend to "Nemo" on tape. Then we did some more sledding and made snow angels. Liam LOVES sledding and is quit the dare devil. Reilly actually like it when he sleds with me. Natalie thought the snow was fun, but she was not so happy about sledding.

All in all it was a great day. We missed daddie as he was off hunting Elk (last day of bow season). We hope he comes home with something!

Tomorrow it is church and then off to see Santa at the "Java Java" coffee house. Reilly calls it the "square room" stayed tuned for those pictures. I am sure Natalie will have a fit as she does not like Santa one bit.

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