Well it has been a good week so far. The sun is shining and we are enjoying the outdoors. We took a trip to Lk. Wilderness yesterday with Jacob, Amanda and Hannah. We had a blast swimming and playing. Liam swam out to the bouys all by himself with the water wings on.

Reilly got his new saw in the mail today. This is what he bought with his money from the Picket family for his birthday. He is so happy. He said in his best and cutest Reilly voice "now I'd can chop wood with my dad". He even had protective googles. It is hilarious! First thing he did was head to the wood pile - only if it really worked - Jason could use the help.

Natalie is busy and into everything. She is fast too! At the lake yesterday I realized why people have those leashes for their kids. She was gone in 1 sec. Nevermind, that anyone she saw with food she went over and begged for some. She can spot food from across the beach!

Liam had his first soccer game yesterday. Now that was funny! I have never seen so many preschoolers chasing each other around with out a clue what they are doing. The team they played had one player who knew what he was doing so the kids all pretty much chased him around the field until he scored a goal and then they would do it all over again. Liam loved it!

No big plans for the weekend - just a few visitors. Cousin Morgan is coming down tomorrow to hang out for the night and then Mema will be here on Saturday. Sunday is church and then just some rest.


PlayDough Fun

We are finally all feeling better from the cold and crud we had for a over a week. Natalie is still a bit under the weather. We had some friends over today which was really fun and the boys were so happy to have buds to play with. The yucky part has been the rain. Ms. Olivia came over too and we made homeade playdough. The kids had a blast and I thought it was rather easy.

Liam made blue of course

Shane made purple

Reilly made yellow

Olivia made Watermelon Red

Ben just wanted to play with the spoons
Natalie just wanted to eat it and spit it out - yuck!

Just a fun day!

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