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Well it has finally been nice again this week. We went to the Zoo last Saturday with cousin Morgan. Mema and Papka Goobs drove the "bego" over on Saturday and we had a camp out in it. The boys love the "bego". They even tried to drive it this weekend. Scared Pakpa Goobs to death - but everyone was alright.

This week I have had the James kids here and the kids have all been going to VBS at Lake Sawyer Christian Church up the road. I have weeded and done a ton of yard work. Jason had his first day at the church

today for his new job as Creative person for Childrens ministry. Liam has his second soccer game tonight. It is hot! Natalie has a double ear infection but is on medication now and doing better. Her two year molars are coming in along with about 5 other teeth on the top and bottom so thank the Lord for MOTRIN!

Off to make tacos for dinner tonight and get ready for the game. Natalie LOVES the camera - check out her "cheese". I finished her one year album finally! Now on to 2007 family album. I have never been so far behind, but well I am still ahead according to most people.

Love to all,


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