We got up early as the sun was out again (can you beleive it). The kids and I headed to the trail to ride bikes with our friends the Conley's. We walked and the kids rode 4mi that is a long way for the littler guys but they were having a blast. Then we hit the Extrememe Cheer car wash for a wash up for James the Big Red Suburban. We headed home for a shower and quick change before we met Pop-Pop for lunch at Red Robin. It was so much fun...but the fun still kept coming. After lunch we took the kids to the Lego store and they were so excited. We discovered you guy buy the little Star Wars characters as magnets that the people come off of instead of buying an entire set to get the one guys (like Yoda or some guy I can not even pronounce). Liam got some new set, Reilly got new characters and showed us what he wants for his birthday in July. Natalie just ran around talking to everyone (what a suprise). Then it was off to the play area which all the kids really enjoyed. A car ride home and a little lego playing time and now the boys are off to a movie with dad (using up a gift card) and Natalie is resting from a long day of fun. These are the days I cherish making memories and having fun as a family.

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