Natalie 2 Yr Photo Shoot

The Littlest Cavanaugh Turns Two!

Today was a grand celebration. The sun came out which is a reason to celebrate in and of itself. It was a glorious day with friends and family. Natalie had a fabulous time with all her cousins and friends. She played in the sand box, ate cupcakes till she drew a blank stare and then played with all her new toys. Girls are so amazing. She was so into her party today and just knew the day was all about her. She got some great gifts. I have a feeling shopping for a little girl is just to much fun for most of us as she got spoiled. She now has a dolly buggy/carrier, baby swing (for her babies), princess shoes, purse, Dora toys, tea set, music, a pink laptop, and three new dolls.

The boys have already taken over or should I say Reilly. He loves playing with the dolls and making up stories and stuff. Thankfully Natalie likes to play with Reilly, but I can see the future filled with screaming tantrums of who had what first. Yikes!

The best part is that our little girl is two. She is so hilarious. It seems possible that I have never laughed so hard as I do watching our little rag-a-muffin waddle about in all her glory. So full of life and vigor. She keeps us on our toes and I am sure for many more years to come.

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