Going back to Cali...

We are back...what an amazing trip!

First of all my mom is amazing as she came and watched all three kids for us while I was gone. Since Jason is working 3 jobs he was not around to much. He did help carve pumpkins one night with the kids.

I went to San Diego to attent the Stroller Strides Instructor Training on Wed & Thur (Oct 15-16) and then I flew from SD to San Jose to meet Jason, Ken and his wife Dana and we drove to Carmel, CA (about 1 1/2hr towards the coast). We attended Dave & Kristen's wedding. It was fabulous, fun and just beautiful.

San Diego was warm and the people were all so nice. We stayed at a hotel just 5 min from Sea World. We did a lot of excercising and meet lots of new people from all over. Our fav girls from Lake Charles, LA Jenni (pronounced Jenna) and Courtney. We got to know them and hang out. We had yummy sushi right on Pacific Beach.

Our trip to Carmel was fabulous. We stayed at a little bed & breakfast kind of hotel just a block from the beach and about 5 mi from Pebble Beach. Jason was so excited we had to take a picture of it from the beach. Jason and Ken were both in the wedding and Jason sang at the wedding in the middle of a vineyard - breathe taking. The weekend was fast and busy, but we had a very relaxing and much needed time together.

We got to fly home on Sunday because one of Dave's pilot friends works for Alaska Airlines and gave us some buddy passes. It sure beat the 14 1/2 hr drive home that Ken & Dana got to do (sorry guys) :O). We wanted to get home as mom was pretty tired and Natalie was really sick. It ends up the kids all got sick by Monday with some sort of form of Tonsilitis with blisters on there throats. FUN to come home too, but everyone is on the mends now and feeling a lot better.

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