Liam's Weekend Top 10

10.Finding my "wing nut" from Papa Goobs in a pair of pants Reilly handed down to cousin Nathan.
9. The Maple Valley Train Show with my friend Shane
8. Playing with my dog Bailey
7. Rootbeer floats with mom at 9:00pm at night
6. Pizza & a movie with my best bud Shane
5. Playing soccer in the rain & Big Olivia came to watch
4. Breakfast with mom and out to coffee & hot cocoa
3. Snuggling with my mom and getting my back tickled all night long
2. Ducks game with Uncle Icky, Aunt Jodi, cousin Nathan, Uncle Mike, mom and dad - Whose house...Duck's House! We won!
1. Getting to ride on a city bus not once but twice! (we even got to see a robot (i.e., the Space Needle).


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