Seastar Cottage

We got the joy of spending 4 days in Seabrook, a cute little community near Pacific Beach, WA on the coast. Our friend Tricia and hubby bought a house out there as a beach rental. You can check it out online at http://get-outta-dodge-lodge.spaces.live.com. Let me tell you I had no idea how awesome this place was until we got there.

It was absolutley amazing and beautiful. I have always preferred the Oregon coast over the Washington coast, but this place is just so darn cute. A weekend away to a beach house with your three kids, a friend and her two kids probably is not the most relaxing of times, but we managed to have fun and enjoy the sun while it was out.

The side hail, rain and freezing cold weather did not keep us from the beach. We drove south until we found sun and played on the beach. The kids loved the sand and water. Liam found a sand dollar that stunk up the car to no end. Reilly loved to dig. Natalie loved the water. Ian just followed Liam wherever he went. Baby Ava stayed warm in the car.

It was nice to get away with my friend Tricia. We did get to sit in the hot tub one night for a little while and relax. We even got to watch a movie with no interruptions. So putting aside the whining, complaining, crying, screaming, lauging, crazy boys and a little girl who yelled "mom" all weekend it was a good time.

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