Mommy God does not like it when you yell.

Yes, the day has finally arrived when my little "holy spirit" Liam has reminded me of how God wants me to act. In one hand it is neat to see that he actually understands the things we are teaching him and then on the other it is annoying that he has to call me out (especially when I know I am in the wrong)!

Well life is busy as usual around our house. We are homeschooling Liam this year and it is getting to be fun. The first few weeks were a bit hard and I thought of throwing the towel in. He is so smart and so strong willed and it does not help when mommie is strong willed either. We are working it out and finding our nitch.

Reilly is busy and growing up so fast. He and Liam are playing good together but gangin up on me now! I am now understanding the things Jacquie (Jason's) mom felt with two boys 18 months apart.

The boys are in soccer this fall together on the same team - now that is hilarious!!!

Natalie climed out of her crib yesterday. I moved it down to the lowest lever and it was much better last night. She is so with it! She loves her brothers and is back to sleeping better at night.

We have a new dog named Bailey. She is Autralian Shepard/Chocolate Lab Mix. She is 9 month old and very sweet. She is house trained and crate trained, but needs some obedience (basic) training. We have a lady coming on Wednesday to help us. She is going to be our inside dog. Henry and Scout love to chase her around and she loves them.

Jason is still working two jobs with his business and part time at the church. He is doing such a great job finding time to balance it all.

I am busy with working out again, Tastefully Simple, the normal stuff, and I am watching Mon & Fri my neighbors son Will. He is a doll and is amazingly easy to watch. The extra money will be nice!

Just thought I would update you on what is new. Have a great Monday!


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