Pumpkin Patch in Yakima

We went to Yakima on Thursday for our annual Pumpkin Patch field trip with the kids cousins Jack, Grant, and Madeline and of course my SIL Laura. It was a beautiful day ~ the drive over was all sun shine and then on the way home the sky was lite up from the Harvest moon.

The kids had so much fun on the Hay ride, the corn maze, petting zoo and the slide of course. Natalie just wanted to run free the entire time. It was a good visit with my SIL.

Of course the end of the day Laura sprained her ankle at my moms house and we thought for sure she broke, but PTL it was just sprained. I was really worried about her. The kids too!

Have a great day!


A Girl & Her Dog

Who said a dog had to be mans bestfriend. Natalie and "Baya" as she calls her (Bailey is her name) are the best of friends. Natalie loves "Baya" so much she spends a lot of time in her crate. I think the feeling is mutual.

Have a great day!

Congrats to my friend Tricia for having her little girl Ava today at 11:15am. She was 5lbs 6oz and 19in long. She came by way of c-section. Mom and baby are happy and healthy!

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