Did anybody notice the sun is out?

One day last week we had a beautiful sunny day. When I say beautiful and sunny I really mean it was 58 degrees and no rain. I got Natalie down for a nap and the boys and I headed out side to do some much needed yard work and play.

While intent in my weeding...I heard the faint pitter patter of little feet. Thinking the kids must be thirsty and getting water I dove back into my never ending weeding. An hour must have past as I hear the kids playing down at the sand box and having a good old time. I holler at the boys to come up for a snack as I head in.

Quinched with thirst myself, I notice the door to the kitchen wide open. As I enter I see what I believe to be droppings of mud tracked about. I think nothing of it at first until I hear the boys screaming "a chicken is in our house". I begin to panic and turn the corner to find the white chicken named Lola pecking around the living room. Now this is the same chicken that sits on the ledge outside our kitchen window watching...waiting for her chance to enter what I am sure she thinks is the four seasons. Now she has made her move. As we begin to chase her she begins to poop on the carpet. Now I can handle kid poop and even dog poop, but chicken poop. Yikes!

Lola scared for her life sees Reilly with my tennis shoe and runs about unsure of her surroundings and where to go. I finally convince him the shoe tactic is not working. I gently pick her up and out she goes. I try to remain calm as I start to clean up the poop (she even pooped in the bathroom). I am thankful that Natalie is still asleep or I would be having to keep her out of all of this.

During this entire ordeal I do not even take notice of what my boys have been up too. I guess they assumed Summer was here. As I look up I reflect on there rather optimistic look. Liam and Reilly both had on their swim shorts, flip flops and sun glasses. I reminded them it was still Winter and 58 degrees out. This did not stop my little boys from asking "wheres our pool at mom". I had to put my foot down and say "no pool", but I did choose not to battle over the outfit. I gently reminded them it might be cold, but they went running outside with full enthusiasm ready to take on the rest of the afternoon. That is exactly what they did. Two hours later there they were in the sand box dirty and having the time of their lives.

I stood out on our deck watching them and my inner giggle had a good laugh and of course I had to capture this moment in photo.

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