"Tickens" "Tickens" "Bak" Bak"

As I bundled up the troops to head outside on this clear, but freezing cold day Natalie and Will went screaming out the door yelling "tickens" "tickens" "Bak" "Bak". It was all I could do to get my shoes on and hat to head out. We had to feed the "tickens" then we let the "tickens" out and the kids went crazy. The idea of chasing a "ticken" must be so thrilling to them. The "tickens" were fine with this as long as they were getting food. We did not stay outside long before everyone started complaining about being cold so we headed back in for snack.

P.S. I am still missing my stuff and I have no idea where it is. I woke up 3 times last night thinking about it..."dis is serious" (in my best Wonder Pets Voice)what good is a good buy if I lose the stuff...geeeeezzzz!


I am loosing my mind

Yes, it is official...I am losing my mind. I went downstairs tonight to organize my "stockpiling" closet only to be missing 3 Spritzers, 2 Wishbone dressings and 2 Progressive soups. I can not find them anywhere. They were on my counter earlier when I took the darn picture. Then I moved them downstairs before sitting down to eat lunch. I have looked everywhere. At first I thought maybe I put them in the freezer with the toaster struddels...that would be something stupid I would do. Then I thought they might be in the bag still so I sifted through the garbage. Then it started to bug me and I mean bug me. I started going up and down the stairs. I looked in the fridge, pantry, laundry basket, car (just in case in my other personality I took them there after bringing them in the house). I looked everywhere, seriously; everywhere. It is still bothering me...so here I sit venting about it. I do all this great shopping and save all this money only to lose the items...ugh!

Now I will go to bed and sometime in the middle of the night my brain will wake me and tell me where I left those darn things. That is if I can get to sleep. I have lost it! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

My New Hobby!

Look at all these Groceries. I bought all of this for $29.37! YES I said $29.37. This was a savings of $101.12. I saved all that money...yahoo! Some things I actually got for FREE (Life Cereal, Wishbone Dressings, Spritzers). All this I did by cutting coupons and watching sales. I am in shock!

I am going to make it my mission to teach all my friends how to do this. It is not as hard as it seems and really not that time consuming once you get your coupons all set up and understand how the sales work and how to use your manufacturers coupons with store coupons and sales.

If you are interested send me an e-mail at jjcav97@comcast.net and I can send you the e-mail with all the info on "Stockpiling" vs. "Need" shopping.

Happy Savings!


Seattle Children's Museum

We went to the museum today with my friend Amber and her two kids. Regan & Davis. It was an adventure and a lot of fun! The kids had a blast. It worked out great as Amber took the older ones and I had the little ones. Plus Amber had a great pass to get in so we only paid $3.00 a person.

It was a ton of fun 7 kids and all!

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