"Tickens" "Tickens" "Bak" Bak"

As I bundled up the troops to head outside on this clear, but freezing cold day Natalie and Will went screaming out the door yelling "tickens" "tickens" "Bak" "Bak". It was all I could do to get my shoes on and hat to head out. We had to feed the "tickens" then we let the "tickens" out and the kids went crazy. The idea of chasing a "ticken" must be so thrilling to them. The "tickens" were fine with this as long as they were getting food. We did not stay outside long before everyone started complaining about being cold so we headed back in for snack.

P.S. I am still missing my stuff and I have no idea where it is. I woke up 3 times last night thinking about it..."dis is serious" (in my best Wonder Pets Voice)what good is a good buy if I lose the stuff...geeeeezzzz!

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