Happy Thursday

Well the day ended up to not be so bad. We had some breaks of sun - enough to play out side when we could. I am finally almost done with the laundry I started on Monday. The kids still have stuffy noses and Natalie is teething again. She is walking like crazy and thinks it is so much fun to hang with her brothers.

We had a few friends over today to play from out small group at church. This was a lot of fun! I am getting a bit antsy about school getting out so that I do not have so much running around to do. I have decided to homeschool Liam and Reilly in the fall pre-k (3) and kindergarten. I just feel like it is worth trying out and the idea of not having to run him to preschool 3 days a week and work around nap schedules and the other two is very nice.

Here are some pictures for today - I just had to get Natalie in her little piggies!

Love ya,



Its a Monday!

Today was another sunny day! We hung out outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We got sand for the kids sand box. Reilly says "Thanks Mom". We finished one of our little boxed gardens. We played in the jumper and the cool "T-Pee" that grandpa Chucker made. We went for a walk on the Cedar River trail. Liam is getting so good riding his bike without his training wheels. He was a little scared of riding in the dirt though. But it started to rain this evening so I guess tomorrow I have off to do the pile and when I say pile I mean HEEPING pile of laundry at the bottom of my basement stairs.

Have a great night!

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