Just another Thursday...yeah right!

Today started off great...we had MOPs at Wabash today and it was our Mother's Day Banquet. My SIL came over and spoke to our group and it was a great talk. She had so much to say about self identity, repentance, sin, God's love and hope for us, His forgiveness and mercy in our lives. It was so great to see her and know all that she has walked through with God. I am so blessed to have a sister and one who can be such a great mentor to me.

On our way to take Liam to preschool we stopped off at the house to drop Laura of and go to the bathroom. As we do almost every Thursday I opened Liam's door and unbuckled him and headed in the house to use the bathroom. Then I heard a scream and if you know Liam this could be about various things. I had figured he was mad because of his brother, his sock being crinkled...who knows. BUT that was not the case...the poor kid somehow fell out of the car on his head and had a big slit in his head. It was big but not bleeding a whole lot. I took him to the Urgent care as it looked like it needed stitches. He actually had to get a staple in his head. WOW he did not even cry - can you believe it? It was amazing how brave he was - I was very proud of him. I told the gals at the office to leave an open spot for me on the schedule since I seem to be in there so much. They know me by first name and all my kids. This is funny!

Liam will have the staple in his head for 10 days and then we can have it removed. Well I felt horrible about leaving him and then thinking he was crying because he was irritated at something. It is a good thing I have God's amazing grace when it comes to mothering- otherwise I would live in constant fear and anxiety. I am in no way perfect - THAT IS FOR SURE!

Well enough said. Tomorrow is another day...




80 Degrees...WHAT the Heck!

We had the most beautiful day today. The boys were dressed and outside playing by 8am. We packed a pic-a-nic lunch and headed to Lk. Wilderness to ride bikes, play on the playground, swim in the lake and eat.
We had a blast! Natalie got to have her first PB&J and she loved it - oh and I let her have some Cheetos and those were a hit - what a sucker I am! She like the PB&J so much she tried to eat Liam and Reilly's lunch as well. She is not lacking in the eating department that is for sure!

We then headed home to take naps. While everyone was napping Liam helped me mow the lawn and lay bark. The house is looking so good. This really is my favorite time of year. It used to be the fall but this years rain was pretty depressing for even me. I am loving the weather. I am sure I will pay for not being inside and doing laundry, but oh well!
There is a picture of Natalie holding the flower and it reminds me so much of a photo of me as a little girl. Check out Liam posing for the camera. It was hilarious. He was moving around saying "take a picture of me like this" "oh how about this".

Love, Jess

Reilly Roo The House Little Butterball

Cutie Pie Little Poser Little Miss Piggy


Okay...Blessing number 2

Seriously God is amazing. Tonight we sold the suburban we got gifted to us from the church. We were able to replace our emergency fund, put money in our car fund (for blessing #1, just in case) and pay off one of our credit cards!

Our quest to get out of debt is on its way! Be praying for us as we continue to honor God and be faithful with our finances and trust in Him. He obviously knows what He is doing...geez!



When talking about counting our blessings we usually think of the small things, but Jason and I had a HUGE blessing this weekend. We are like any other young family with kids struggling to run a small business and live off one income. We do not have much money and are trying to be faithful with our money to God and wise about our spending. This is a true story of how God honors and hears our prayers. On Thursday I finally decided to surrender my anxiety and fear over our finances and how we are going to make it. I released it to God. Friday I did not think about it once which it has been running in my mind all day everyday for months now. Then Friday night God brought us a blessing through my step-dad.

Friday night my step-dad showed up at our house and handed us the keys to a 1999 Chev Suburban. It is gorgeous and I love it! I was so shocked I was speechless for about an hour and those of you that know me know I am rarely speechless. :O) After getting over the initial shock of it all we were filled with excitement and took it out for a spin with the kids. It is so great and such and answer to prayer. I have a radio & CD player now and can listen to music with the kids. I have A/C and so much more.

So how do you say "thank you" for such a gift I do not know words just can not express how thankful we really are. I Thank God for such a great step-dad that he would think of us and our needs and be willing to do something like this for us.

Thank you Mom & Goobs!

Here is our new ride...Liam calls him "James" ~ imagine that!

More Birthday Pics!

Happy 1st Birthday Natalie

It was one year ago this past Friday that I labored at home and had Natalie in about 1 hr on her due date. I can hardly believe a year has past and our baby is 1! No, I am not wanting another one, but it is just sad. She is growing up so fast.

She is a trooper even with a double ear infection she managed to have a great weekend with family and friends. Friday, Mema and Papka Goobs came over and we had dinner and chocolate cupcakes. She loved the chocolate! Then Saturday us girls went to Costco and out to run errands while Papka Goobs and the boys went on an adventure to the Auburn Train station. Sunday all the family from both sides came down to celebrate with us.

Natalie was such a little princess and just loved all the attention. She kept saying "wow" in this really cute voice and with pucker lips. She seemed to really have fun and I know we did. It is such a blessing to have such great family and friends. Liam and Reilly thought the whole thing was a lot of fun! Liam loved helping her open her presents and Reilly can not wait for his birthday. Next is cousin Grants in June. They have all the kids in the families birthdays memorized. Liam will list them all and then go "then it is mine"...like in a another 9 months!

Here are some pictures from the day. As always we miss those who could not be here and are always thinking of you :O)

The Chicken Coop

Jason worked so hard on Saturday to finish the chicken coop because those darn chickens are growing fast. It turned out AWESOME and way better then what I was expecting. He is not finished just yet as he has the nesting boxes to add. He is actually making them so all we have to do is open them from the outside and get the eggs out. This way the kids do not have to go in the pen. What a great daddy!

Check out his work I was so impressed. I put the chickens in today because they are just going stir crazy in the bunny cage. They love there new home. I used a card board box from one of Natalie's birthday gifts for the back of the temporary nesting box. I did not realize until it was in the the background is of grass and a sun - how cute!

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