When talking about counting our blessings we usually think of the small things, but Jason and I had a HUGE blessing this weekend. We are like any other young family with kids struggling to run a small business and live off one income. We do not have much money and are trying to be faithful with our money to God and wise about our spending. This is a true story of how God honors and hears our prayers. On Thursday I finally decided to surrender my anxiety and fear over our finances and how we are going to make it. I released it to God. Friday I did not think about it once which it has been running in my mind all day everyday for months now. Then Friday night God brought us a blessing through my step-dad.

Friday night my step-dad showed up at our house and handed us the keys to a 1999 Chev Suburban. It is gorgeous and I love it! I was so shocked I was speechless for about an hour and those of you that know me know I am rarely speechless. :O) After getting over the initial shock of it all we were filled with excitement and took it out for a spin with the kids. It is so great and such and answer to prayer. I have a radio & CD player now and can listen to music with the kids. I have A/C and so much more.

So how do you say "thank you" for such a gift I do not know words just can not express how thankful we really are. I Thank God for such a great step-dad that he would think of us and our needs and be willing to do something like this for us.

Thank you Mom & Goobs!

Here is our new ride...Liam calls him "James" ~ imagine that!

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