A Day in the Yak

We got up early this morning and headed to Yakima to visit Mema and the rest of the family. I did not have Will and Leila so we thought we would take advantage of the day off.

I took the kids through Chinook Pass this time which I usually do not do because there is no cell service up there. However, it was beautiful. It was foggy on our side but once we reached the top it was sunny and blue sky.

Yakima was gorgeous and we spent the day with Mema at Nana's pool swimming and hanging with our cousins. We had dinner at Mema's and then Yulia and I headed home.

It was so sad leaving as Yulia, Mema and I started to cry. Yulia and I both cried for about the first 30 min of our trip home. I LOVE Yakima and being near our family. Yulia LOVES Mema and I think our family as well. It was so sad. We had a lot of fun though.

The kids (Liam, Reilly and Natalie) stayed behind with Mema & Papka Goobs for the weekend. So I am hoping that Yulia and I will get in some girlie time after her appt in the morning. It will be nice to be able to give her one on one attention.

One day I hope and pray the Lord moves us to Yakima. While it may not have a lot of attractions it has our family. It is either that or Medford, OR. Those are the two places I would move tomorrow. Jason of course is thinking otherwise....but you can trust that the Lord knows and He will lead the way.


Point Defiance Zoo

We are trying to do it all while Yulia is here. Today we (Liam, Reilly, Natalie, Will, Leila and myself) to the Point Defiance Zoo for the day. My friend Jenny met us there with her three kids.

The trip started out great. The most stressful time is loading and loading all of the kids. Oh and the fact that I got lost on my way there.

The zoo was a blast and a lot of fun. The kids loved the new Musckrat and Lemur exhibit. But most of all we loved the monkeys relaxing in the sun. It was hilarious!

We stayed for about 4 hrs without meltdowns or tantrums now that is a good day.


Reasons why you should listen to mom...

After a long exhausting and rather challenging day with the kids what better way to end the day then a trip to the urgent care.

The words were simple "do not jump in the bath tub or someone will get hurt."

Loud piercing screams came just a few minutes after this remark.

I was up stairs getting PJ's for the two in the bath. At first I thought it was the same old. Natalie spitting at Reilly or hitting him. Then something told me to run and I did. I came bounding down the stairs to find Reilly screaming in pain. I was not sure what happened but blood was coming from somewhere.

I got Natalie out of the bath and tried to gather information about the situation. In a strange and weird circumstance Reilly tore about a 1/2 in length laceration from his bum up the crack. How might one have done this you ask? You could also be cringing in pain as you read this. He was jumping (which I warned against as every good mother would do, right?) and he jumped and hit the spout on his way down and tore his bum (or as he prefers his pooper hole).

So in an awkward situation I loaded all the kids in the car all in their PJ's and we headed of to the urgent care. I figured we were dealing with an important part and my motherly intuition told me it was best to go in.

Jason, where was he? Working and was supposed to meet me at the Urgent Care to take over with Reilly. He showed up as we were leaving. Oh well such is life.

The diagnosis a severe laceration to the bum (pooper hole) that did not need stitches, just some TLC and a check up by the pediatrician in a few days. He was more then happy to share his back side with whomever would look as long as he, his brother, sister and Yulia got a sucker. This is the middle kid always looking out for the rest of the family.

So what I thought was going to be a relaxing night with the kids in bed early, a good book and a glass of wine turned into another night of craziness at the Cavanaugh household. It is Monday...what could the week ahead hold.

P.S. I am not wierd or anything I just happened to have my camera in my purse from Yulia's dental appt earlier in the day and thought a few pics would be funny!

A Birthday Weekend to Remember!

It all started on Friday night. We had two of Yulia's friends over from Belarus from 6-9pm for a little Barbie Princess party to celebrate Yulia's birthday (Aug 20) while she is here in America. Karina and Anastia are both from her home town of Korma and are here with host families.

We went swimming, painted toe nails, listened to Britney Spears and did some dancing and picture taking. Oh and the girls got to eat Yulia's yummy cake and sing Happy Birthday! She got some cute presents from her friends and had a blast!

Saturday was Reilly's 4th Birthday party...

He had so much fun with our family. We had a Spiderman party and he loved every minute of it. The cake was amazing. He got lost of presents that he is enjoying playing with.

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