A Day in the Yak

We got up early this morning and headed to Yakima to visit Mema and the rest of the family. I did not have Will and Leila so we thought we would take advantage of the day off.

I took the kids through Chinook Pass this time which I usually do not do because there is no cell service up there. However, it was beautiful. It was foggy on our side but once we reached the top it was sunny and blue sky.

Yakima was gorgeous and we spent the day with Mema at Nana's pool swimming and hanging with our cousins. We had dinner at Mema's and then Yulia and I headed home.

It was so sad leaving as Yulia, Mema and I started to cry. Yulia and I both cried for about the first 30 min of our trip home. I LOVE Yakima and being near our family. Yulia LOVES Mema and I think our family as well. It was so sad. We had a lot of fun though.

The kids (Liam, Reilly and Natalie) stayed behind with Mema & Papka Goobs for the weekend. So I am hoping that Yulia and I will get in some girlie time after her appt in the morning. It will be nice to be able to give her one on one attention.

One day I hope and pray the Lord moves us to Yakima. While it may not have a lot of attractions it has our family. It is either that or Medford, OR. Those are the two places I would move tomorrow. Jason of course is thinking otherwise....but you can trust that the Lord knows and He will lead the way.

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