Like Father Like Son...

I had to take this snapshot. He poured his own cereal and milk. This reminds me so much of me as a kid and Jason now! Sitting in front of the cereal box reading (or pretending to read).

The Little Princess

Seriously how cute!
This is the one I entered

This is my favorite photo

I could not resist a perfect day for photos of our little princess. She had a rough day today. She has had a double ear infection for over a week and has 6 teeth coming in on the top. We had to take her back to the urgent care today because she had blood in her stool. They think it is from the Mortin as she has no other signs (fever, pale skin, tiredness, blotting, etc.) of any other problems. She is acting fine and such a trooper - I would be miserable if I was her. We are doing good today and she had a great night of sleep (11 hrs). These were taking yesterday afternoon. I just entered her in a photo contest with one of them for a trip to NYC and to be on Good Morning America.
Could not resist!

A Beautiful Day...FINALLY!

The Kiddos

Grumpy Bear

Liams very best friend Shane!

Okay we had the most beautiful weather yesterday. I could not beleive how warm it was outside. The kids and I met a friend at the Cedar River Trail and took the kids for a walk. They had so much fun! Reilly was such a trooper he actually rode his bike most of the way. Liam, Shane, and Katherine got a little to far ahead at one point. Ben just chilled in the stroller. They all got tired on the way back.


Just another Thursday...

Self Portrait

Choo! Choo!

I love this picture!

Today we had MOPs @ Wabash Pres. in Enumclaw. It was a great day...we had a guest speaker come talk to us about Friendship. The kids had fun in Moppetts. Then it was off to home to make PBJ&M's for the car ride to drop Liam off at preschool at 12:30pm. Then back home to get Reilly down for a nap and Natalie some lunch. Then Natalie and I played and woke Reilly up to head to get Liam from school by 3:00pm. Then on our way home we stopped at the Caboose because it was open and the boys have been wanting to go there. We had a blast! Now we are back home and cozied up to our fire enjoying a snack and waiting for our mini corn dogs to get done for dinner. Thursdays are our busiest day of the week so I usually let the boys eat something easy. I have a friends party tonight up the road. We hope you guys all had a fun Thursday.


Get to Choppin...

Okay so after a long days work Jason has to come home and chop some wood...what a man...what man...what a mighty good man!

We are enjoying the extra daylight...

These are my big bros...I luv these guys!

Hey You GIVE ME THE KEYS...nevermind my feet can

not reach the petals.

Seriously...I can drive!

Okay so maybe not just yet!

The kids and I went for a walk today and the boys got to ride their bikes. This was a bit of a challenge coming down our big hill as Liam wanted to ride all the way down - fast! I was having flashbacks to calling the ambulance and blood everywhere. He was good and went really slow. We came home BBQ and now are outside soaking up what is left of the daylight.
We can not wait for summer!
We took Natalie to the Dr. again today. She has had an ear infection for over a week and been on antibiotics since Sat and still hurting. We are now on another anitibiotic. Hopefully she will be able to get better in the next few days. She is still such a good baby even when she does not feel good.
Love you all and hope you had a good day.


Okay my child is so strange...he likes Peanut Butter Jelly sandwhiches with Mustard. It started out that he asked if he could have mustard on his sandwhich and I told him that would be yucky and he would not like it, BUT he ate it and loves it ~ what a silly goose!


Me & My Girl

My Pancake Lover!

Whats Happening this Week?

Not to much is happening this week. We have a sunny day out today so I am sure we will be outside riding bikes and playing. Just the norm, MOPs, preschool, finish the laundry, playgroup and the gym. I have a Tastefully Simple meeting tonight and then a friends party on Thursday. Jason is work...work...working!

This weekend we have our monthly dinner group on Saturday and Pop-pop is coming down to watch the kiddo's for us. We have church and small group on Sunday. Small group is at 5:30pm.

Well...have a great week. Check back as I am sure I will have some pics from today.

Lots of Love to all,


We have 4 new teeth up top! (2 on bottom=6)
Cute Toes!
look at those piggies!
Check out the shoes!

As promised here are the pics of Natalie. She got to spend the weekend with the girls (and Nathan :O) We painted our toe nails and I can not beleive how good she was. What a crack up! We also went shopping at the outlet mall in North Bend and got some cute new shoes (I couldn't resist) and Easter outfits.

Well it is back to reality for Liam and Reilly - good old home. Boy they had a hard time this time leaving Mema. It took Liam about 25min to stop sobbing...I guess when you get to stay up late, eat lots of fun food, sleep in a king size bed, lay outside underneath the stars, drink Chocolate milk, ride your quad and have a blast in the SUN, it would be hard to come back to mom and dad...oh and the RAIN! They finally fell asleep in the car on the way home and then when we got home it started all over again. They are watching a bit of Sprout right now and having a little wake time since they slept in the car. I got them new PJ's this weekend and they thought this was pretty cool! Plus we put glow in the dark stars on their ceiling in their room...now that is cool.

St. Paddy's Day Run ~ Seattle

What a great weekend. Jodi and I ran in the St. Paddys Day Race in downtown Seattle. It was misty rain and then lots of rain. We had a blast and finished under 40min. There were 15,000 runners - can you believe that! Count us in for next year! We then went to our neighbors house Steve & Jenni's for a BBQ. What a great day!


The Boys Hunting Trip to Thye Valley

Eric the sharp shooter!
Elmer Fud a.k.a. Jim Cavanaugh
The hunter boys!
Henry Dogs

Jason, Eric, Mike and Jim went on a hunting trip Sat the 10th for Jason's 31st Birthday in Tygh Valley, OR. Jason got 5 birds, Eric got 2, Mike got 1, and Dad got 2 or 3 ( we are not sure). It sounds like they had a lot of fun. The video of course we can not post of Eric, Mike and Jim shooting like crazy trying to hit a bird as it flew away. Jason loved getting to spend time with his brothers and dad. How fun!

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