We are enjoying the extra daylight...

These are my big bros...I luv these guys!

Hey You GIVE ME THE KEYS...nevermind my feet can

not reach the petals.

Seriously...I can drive!

Okay so maybe not just yet!

The kids and I went for a walk today and the boys got to ride their bikes. This was a bit of a challenge coming down our big hill as Liam wanted to ride all the way down - fast! I was having flashbacks to calling the ambulance and blood everywhere. He was good and went really slow. We came home BBQ and now are outside soaking up what is left of the daylight.
We can not wait for summer!
We took Natalie to the Dr. again today. She has had an ear infection for over a week and been on antibiotics since Sat and still hurting. We are now on another anitibiotic. Hopefully she will be able to get better in the next few days. She is still such a good baby even when she does not feel good.
Love you all and hope you had a good day.

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