Moms first try at cutting the boys hair...not bad!

I decided to save $40.00 and go ahead and cut the boys hair myself. My mom gave me clippers a while back but I have been to afraid to cut their hair. It actually did pretty good. The boys like their new cuts. Yahoo!

Its Thursday...

Good Morning...it is a gloomy Thursday here in Black Diamond. I wake everyday just hoping there is blue sky and sun. Grrrr....

Liam is doing much better. No more barking cough. He has a slight cough but is acting normal and eating normal. I cancelled his Dr. Appt and will wait out over the weekend to see if he gets completely better. It is hard for me to pay $20.00 to go in and have them tell me there is nothing we can do but wait it out. I have been to the Dr. enough with all three to know when to go and when not to go. Oh and I have spent enough money too! Ha!

Liam will miss school this today and maybe tomorrow just depending on how he is doing. I have heard the fever sometimes comes back after a few days.

Nana is coming to visit this weekend and the boys are so excited.

Last night we took the boys on an adventure to Mexican (mommie did not want to cook) amnd then to Target so they could buy something with the spending money they have been saving. It was so much fun! The excitement in there eyes when they got to use there own money to buy a toy was fun. Liam wanted to know what he could save for next. It was decided he would save for a new plastic Tomy James and the old one he ruined playing with it outside. Reilly got a Garbage truck which is very loud, but he LOVES it. He thinks it was for his birthday. Too funny!

Have a great day!




Mid Week Update...

Well it is Wednesday and I can hardly believe this week is going by so fast. We have been home the past three days as Liam has had a 103-104 temp. He finally broke his temp last night and slept through the night but now has a bad baring cough. He is acting normal today - thank goodness. Yesterday he barely moved from the couch, which if you know Liam is not like him at all. Reilly was not himself because Liam did not want to play. Today he wants to eat and play so I am hoping this is a good sign. We have a Dr. appt tomorrow to see if the cough is anything to be concerned about.

Natalie is GREAT! We took her off the Omnicef on Monday and she has not had a bloody stool since. I read a few things on the Internet about it causing blood in stool. I am hoping her ear infection does not return. She is sleeping through the night 8-5:30am and if I feed her she will sleep until 8:30. This is great! Finally after 3 or 4 years of less then 4 hrs a night I am getting some much needed sleep - Yahoo!

Jason is CRAZY busy at work and just plugging away at his business. He is getting involved with Creative Team at our church New Community.

I have my next TS party this Saturday at my good friend Tricia's. WHO oh by the way is expecting. She has been on fertility for years and trying to get pregnant and if you knew the whole story you would know this is a MIRACLE. They just had their adoption home study go through and so now they are expecting TWO kids. Oh boy!

For those of you who call us - we no longer have a home phone. Do not be alarmed - we cancelled it to see if we could save some money just using our cell phones and e-mail.

Okay I better get lunch served, kids off for naps, laundry done, dishes, and start thinking about dinner.

Happy Wednesday ~ Love



Hanging out in our PJ's on a Monday

Playdoh Nose
Kens new shoes
She is just so "stinking" cute
Does that look like a sick kid...Hmmmmm???

Today it is raining and cloudy. Liam woke up with a 103 fever this morning around 5:30am. He seems to be feeling better although his fever is spiking again and he is pretty tired. Reilly has now got the cough - AGAIN. I have to say this has been one ugly winter health wise for us. I am sooooo looking forward to warmer weather.

We are hanging out in our PJ's today and just relaxing. Reilly thinks it is fun to play with Ken (Barbies) and put Ken in his shoes. This is so funny. We also got a chance to play some playdoh today which they boys love and have mixed all the colors together.

Here is the update on Natalie as of yesterday (last stool) she still had blood in her stool. I am waiting to see if she goes today and what might be in there before I call the Dr. We went to Children's over the weekend and they thought it might be the Mortrin as well (causes bleeding of the stomach lining in 1% of children). I am taking her off the Omnicef today as this all started right after she started taking it, so Jason and I agreed to eliminate all possibilities. Our concern is how long will it take to have her stomach recover or how long will we expect to see bloody stool. She is acting normal, sleeping great and her ears seem good. Although, will the ear infection come back with going off the antibiotic. Anyhow, we are staying on top of things and making sure we are checking in with the Pediatrician. The next step if we continue is to go to Children's and have scope done to determine where the bleeding is coming from.

If you can please keep her in your prayers. We are not freaking out...but it is concerning to have the bleeding and we just want to stay on top of it in case there is something we are all missing here.

Love you all,


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