Mid Week Update...

Well it is Wednesday and I can hardly believe this week is going by so fast. We have been home the past three days as Liam has had a 103-104 temp. He finally broke his temp last night and slept through the night but now has a bad baring cough. He is acting normal today - thank goodness. Yesterday he barely moved from the couch, which if you know Liam is not like him at all. Reilly was not himself because Liam did not want to play. Today he wants to eat and play so I am hoping this is a good sign. We have a Dr. appt tomorrow to see if the cough is anything to be concerned about.

Natalie is GREAT! We took her off the Omnicef on Monday and she has not had a bloody stool since. I read a few things on the Internet about it causing blood in stool. I am hoping her ear infection does not return. She is sleeping through the night 8-5:30am and if I feed her she will sleep until 8:30. This is great! Finally after 3 or 4 years of less then 4 hrs a night I am getting some much needed sleep - Yahoo!

Jason is CRAZY busy at work and just plugging away at his business. He is getting involved with Creative Team at our church New Community.

I have my next TS party this Saturday at my good friend Tricia's. WHO oh by the way is expecting. She has been on fertility for years and trying to get pregnant and if you knew the whole story you would know this is a MIRACLE. They just had their adoption home study go through and so now they are expecting TWO kids. Oh boy!

For those of you who call us - we no longer have a home phone. Do not be alarmed - we cancelled it to see if we could save some money just using our cell phones and e-mail.

Okay I better get lunch served, kids off for naps, laundry done, dishes, and start thinking about dinner.

Happy Wednesday ~ Love

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