Merry Christmas

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow.

We had a white Christmas this year. It is unbelievable the amount of snow we got. I laugh because in years past Jason as waited like an anxious child for the snow to fall (more then 1/2 in). He stays up half the night watching and waiting, and now he can not wait for it to melt.

While beautiful outside the cold weather has once again caused us some problems. We had a pipe burst in the kitchen (a faucet that was behind a cupboard) and flood the kitchen and the basement. We caught it fairly early but there is damage. We have dried out the basement and so far it looks good. Our neighbors came to help (Steve & Dwayne) and that was so nice. It was pretty crazy around here!

We have spent the week hanging with friends and enjoying the snow. I tried to make an igloo, but that took forever and I gave up after one round and a door. Reilly loves being in the snow. Liam would rather play the Wii and Natalie is wherever I am at.

Christmas was fun. We drove to Scapoose, OR and stayed at my Uncle Phil and Aunt Kim's house. The snow was crazy down there almost 2 feet. The funniest part is they lost power the morning we arrived and it was out when we left on Friday afternoon still. My aunt and family cooked dinner in the dark for 22 people. We had ham, scalloped potatoes and uncle Fred beans. It was so much fun. We played Phase 10 in the dark (by candlelight) and had a huge bon fire burning all the wrapping paper. It was so much fun visiting and see everyone. The kids got spoiled with all sorts of presents. Reilly made out with a lot of John Deere stuff, Natalie got some princess shoes she loves and Liam got a lot of Lego's.

We are now home nestled in the cold again with the fire burning and trying to stay warm. We plan to head to Yakima for the New Year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. God Bless you all!

Love, Jess & Family


Snowmobiling in our back yard & a bon fire...sweet!

This snow is pretty amazing. We had about 6 inches as of last night and the neighbors Jenni & Steve brought out the snowmobiles and built a bon fire. We rode around our neighborhood and back yard. It was a blast! I wish every winter was like this. The kids played outside until about 8pm.

Love the snow!


Snow Day

We have been blessed with snow! Yahoo!


Getting Festive...

Reilly & Natalie & I hit Starbucks for a little Christmas Cheer...hot cocoas & the Eggnog Latte. This is an annual thing. It was fun, but to much sugar can drive a mom crazy.

Bathtime Fun!

It has been a while...

It has been a while since I have posted anything and due to an overwhelming amount of trials and tribulations we have not been online.

Jason and I have been busy. I can hardly believe we are almost in December. Yikes!
Jason is working at his new job with Triamp Group and really enjoying it. Cavanaugh Auto is still going, but more part time. He also continues to work at our Church leading the Truck team (the church) on Sundays.

Liam is loving Kindergarten. He is learning to read and doing such a great job. He just had his first parent/teacher conference and had a great review. He loves to write and draw (no idea where he gets that, i.e., mom) and he loves to sing in choir (hmmmm...dad). He is growing so fast and learning so much.

Reilly is active and all boy. He loves John Deere trackers (hence the Christmas photos) and camo. He wants to hunt and be with his dad at all times. Yet, he is my snuggle bug and loves to be with me. He is learning to read and writing his name and learning the alphabet and sounds.

Natalie is funny and sassy. She loves to be with me at all times. "MOM where aur you?" (yelling of course). She loves to change her clothes about 10x a day. One drop of anything and a new shirt or pants go on. She is loving the library and we are doing gymnastics together and she loves that. She has fun hanging with her brothers. She still eats a ton!

I have been busy being a wife and mother. What more does there need to be! Well lets see. Besides those two jobs (most important)...I trained in Oct. to be a Stroller Strides Instructor and will start teaching January. I am taking on a babysitting job 4 days a week because it brings in the extra money we need to get out of debt. I am a neighborhood advocate for our property rights. I am researching, meeting with city officials, attending city council meetings, and reading piles and piles of RCW codes in order to save our home from being taken by the city. Oh did I mention that I also do MOPs on Thursday twice a month (for me) and that I teach Sunday School second service on Sundays.

It all sounds crazy, but honestly my life would feel weird with out so much stuff. See until the house stuff came along I was feeling pretty good about the family calendar. Now I am not overwhelmed. I have a lot of friends who have been helping out. I also realize I am one person and can only do so much. So there you have it!

December 2nd is the next meeting with the City. Basically in a nut shell we live on Category I wetland (the highest protected due to wildlife habitat and aquatic). This means that the city wants to protect this wetland from being endangered by noise, light, and other strange factors. So they have a created a Sensitive Areas Ordinance that includes a CORE Complex (that would be us) and a 225ft buffer onto our property (our property is like 325ft or something like that). The SAO has strict guidelines for use of property within this buffer. The city does not pay us for our property, they just take it. Well tell us what we can and can not do on it. We pay for it, we own it, we pay the taxes on it, but we have little rights to it. That is it in a nutshell. Sounds fun...it gets better, really!

The county (King) has presented us with presentation showing what they would like to do to upgrade the sewage treatment facility in this area to accomadate the growth that will be happening in the next 5-20 years. One example includes 2 12ft pipes (where a current 9ft pipe, underground exists), a county workers access road (where our easement is) and a odor/pump house on the back side of the property. We told them no. However, it is in writing and they are doing the research and going to sit on it for a year thanks to the budget cuts.

What this means to us? First, if we put our house on the market we have to disclose all of this information to the buyer under section 17. Second, the property value of our home may/may not go down (most like it will). Then we will be backwards in our loan and well you know the rest of the story.

Fun times. OK so what I have failed to mention in all of this. Jason is working three jobs, I am busy with all I am doing, the kids are busy. BUT we have a home, food on the table, we are happy, we have a good marriage. We have the LORD! He is sustaining us and making us laugh. We are wondering and waiting in anticipation to see what the outcome of it all might be.

Jason says we should walk away move to Africa and teach. Funny I probably would do it. I would miss my family like crazy, but I would do it for the experience for something much simpler.

Through all of this we stay true to the fact the Lord has us here for a reason. He loves us and he will protect us. As Reilly says "Mom, Hes in our hearts, do not be afraid". Childlike faith, it's priceless!

Happy Thanksgiving and remember what you are Thankful for this year. May God Bless you!


Going back to Cali...

We are back...what an amazing trip!

First of all my mom is amazing as she came and watched all three kids for us while I was gone. Since Jason is working 3 jobs he was not around to much. He did help carve pumpkins one night with the kids.

I went to San Diego to attent the Stroller Strides Instructor Training on Wed & Thur (Oct 15-16) and then I flew from SD to San Jose to meet Jason, Ken and his wife Dana and we drove to Carmel, CA (about 1 1/2hr towards the coast). We attended Dave & Kristen's wedding. It was fabulous, fun and just beautiful.

San Diego was warm and the people were all so nice. We stayed at a hotel just 5 min from Sea World. We did a lot of excercising and meet lots of new people from all over. Our fav girls from Lake Charles, LA Jenni (pronounced Jenna) and Courtney. We got to know them and hang out. We had yummy sushi right on Pacific Beach.

Our trip to Carmel was fabulous. We stayed at a little bed & breakfast kind of hotel just a block from the beach and about 5 mi from Pebble Beach. Jason was so excited we had to take a picture of it from the beach. Jason and Ken were both in the wedding and Jason sang at the wedding in the middle of a vineyard - breathe taking. The weekend was fast and busy, but we had a very relaxing and much needed time together.

We got to fly home on Sunday because one of Dave's pilot friends works for Alaska Airlines and gave us some buddy passes. It sure beat the 14 1/2 hr drive home that Ken & Dana got to do (sorry guys) :O). We wanted to get home as mom was pretty tired and Natalie was really sick. It ends up the kids all got sick by Monday with some sort of form of Tonsilitis with blisters on there throats. FUN to come home too, but everyone is on the mends now and feeling a lot better.


Our Mission Statement

The Cavanaugh Family mission is to be a healthy and happy Christian family while preserving a fun family atmosphere.

We will accomplish this by applying God's truths to our lives, being faithful, loving, kind, and compassionate to one another and having a lot of laughs.

We will consistently strive to improve the way we walk in our Christian faith through personal spiritual growth and studies, fellowship with others and by being in God's word and prayer. Also, by being silly, forgiving, and finding time to just be ourselves.

Our goal is to be the best family we can be and show God's love in our community in which we live and to be a "World Class" Christian John Deere Family.

By accomplishing our goals, we will be able to support the activities that we love the most, like riding our John Deere tracker, visiting the John Deere store, wearing our John Deere attire all the while making ourselves fit right into our small town community of BD.

This is our Mission Statement.

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