Our Mission Statement

The Cavanaugh Family mission is to be a healthy and happy Christian family while preserving a fun family atmosphere.

We will accomplish this by applying God's truths to our lives, being faithful, loving, kind, and compassionate to one another and having a lot of laughs.

We will consistently strive to improve the way we walk in our Christian faith through personal spiritual growth and studies, fellowship with others and by being in God's word and prayer. Also, by being silly, forgiving, and finding time to just be ourselves.

Our goal is to be the best family we can be and show God's love in our community in which we live and to be a "World Class" Christian John Deere Family.

By accomplishing our goals, we will be able to support the activities that we love the most, like riding our John Deere tracker, visiting the John Deere store, wearing our John Deere attire all the while making ourselves fit right into our small town community of BD.

This is our Mission Statement.

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Jodi said...

I LOVE your mission statement! What a wonderful thing to do as a family...to create focus on your eternal goals. LOVE IT!

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