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We got this table off of Craiglist for FREE. Yes, that is right FREE. I wanted something more country for our kitchen and this was a price I could not pass up. I figured the kids would trash it over the years and then one day I would sand and repaint it and recover the seats.

That one day just came. I was so tired of looking at the stains on the chairs it grossed me out and I am sure our guests. I was trying to decide what to do when my mom suggested we recover them. In order to save money on fabric we went to Goodwill. I decided to let each of the kids pick out fabric for their own chair. Reilly of course got the "camo" or "hunting" fabric "jus like my dad". Liam went with the Transformers (his new favorite, it changes every week) and Natalie went with Dora. I used some fabric I had gotten over a year ago to make aprons out of and the kids decorated a chair for Mema with hand prints. Dad's is not done just yet because I want some Oregon Duck fabric for it.

This was such a fun project. I even got vinyl. Yes,vinyl. I swore I would never get it, but I figured this way I could just wipe them down and then one day I could replace them with something more grown up.

The kids LOVED this idea and think their chairs are the "cooles".

Just another crafty day at the Cavanaugh house.

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