Liam's 7th Birthday

Welcome Home

Moving day has come and gone and boy did we hit the ground running. After a small birthday party Friday the 12th for Liam's 7th (small as in 11 boys and a few siblings) we packed up the moving vans and headed east of the mountains to our new home in Selah, WA.

As I drove away Saturday morning with a truck load of stuff I could not help but think of all the memories the BD house had; Liam calling it "home" when we first drove into the driveway 5 yrs ago, potty training the boys (LOL), building a play set when I was 9 months and 3 weeks pregnant in hopes of going into labor, long summer nights by the camp fire, Cavanaugh Clan Annual Camp out, roasting smellos, dirt stained kids in underwear, lots of laughter, my first "real" garden, our chickens, the boys learning to ride bikes, birthday parties, small group gatherings, Bunco, our neighbors and so many more fun times.

I was also reminded of all the "trials" we have endured in that house; marriage struggles, job loss, a house falling apart all the time, floods, trees falling down, chopping firewood (my favorite, NOT), the city and so much more.

Telling the "whole" story would take up a lot and actually require me writing a book which those that know me, know I am not good at spelling or grammar for that matter so that is out of the question. There are so many reasons to be sad, yet I find it pure joy that God has brought us this far.

I drove away and yes, I cried. In fact I sobbed out to God (and thank goodness I was by myself) then a song came on the radio "I will rise when He calls my name, no more sorrow, no more pain, I will rise on eagles wings before my God I'm on my knees...victory has won". I found myself sobbing tears of pure joy as I praised Jesus for all that He has won for bringing us out of the sorrow and pain and drawing us closer to Him.

Selah is no heaven (at least I picture heaven a lot different), but the victory has been won. We are stronger in our faith, marriage and knowledge of Him. We stand firm on His foundation and we know that this move would not have been done with out his provision in our lives.

As I came over the mountain and into Selah a grin from ear to ear appeared. The sun was shining so beautifully over the valley (and has been ever since). I drove the stretch of road to our new home and pulled into the driveway and there in front of me stood my sister in law and family with a "welcome home sign". I cried as I realized we were home. This is not the home that I envisioned 5 years ago when we purchased our home in BD, but it is the home that God envisioned and for that I am grateful. A home really is where the heart is. As long as we have eachother we are home no matter where God takes us.

I am sure we will have new trials as God's word states it is through our trials that we grow in wisdom and in strength. It is a daily sometimes hourly challenge to walk in Christ Jesus, but it is a challenge I am up for.

Welcome Home.

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