Okay there has been a request for the photos of the boys room. This is what they did today for FUN!

I have my second Tastefully Simple party tomorrow at my good friend Elisa's house. My sister-in-law Jodi is coming down for the weekend to hang out. We are running in the St. Paddy's Day run on Sunday. The boys are heading off to Yakima and Jason is off to go hunting with his brothers and dad. This is the last weekend of pheasant hunting for the season. Jason really loves it and enjoys getting to spend time with his brother and dad.
Okay here are the rascals I call Liam and Reilly Roo...this was taken this morning. They thought it would be funny to take out all their clothes out of their dresser and spread about their room. I asked them to get socks on, but I guess that got misinterpreted. Hmmmm...Got to love the little turkeys. Just another day in the Cavanaugh house...I am off to do laundry, dishes, and get Natalie dressed before we go pick Liam up from preschool.

The boys absolutley love their little sister. Here are a few pictures I took of the three of them together. We have such a happy little family.

Liam's 4th Birthday

Liam celebrated his 4th birthday this past month in February. He has a Gordon party. Those of you who do not know Gordon is one of Thomas the Tank Engines friends and his is the number 4 engine, which is why Liam wanted a Gordon party. We had family over on the Sunday before his birthday and had a blast. Liam got lots of new puzzels, books and toys. His favorite was getting to help make his cake. He loves to help mommie in the kitchen.

Jason & Mike's Hunting Trip

Okay - here are some pics from Jason and his brother Mike's recent Pheasant hunting trip to Duphur, OR the last weekend in February. Henry & Scout love hunting! This was Mike's first pheasant. This is yummy meat!

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