Happy New Year

Welcome 2008 ~ We rang in the New Year with some serious parting. We partied like it was 1999. No really! We had a family Chili dinner that left us all with the "sarts" as Reilly would call them. Then we put on our party hats, drank some bubbly (grape sparkling cider) and blew our noise makers at 7pm sharp.

The kids were off to bed by 7:30pm and I sat down and read a book front to cover. Jason watched a movie and we were all fast asleep by 12:15am. Here is to another year full of new memories, blessing, and fun times with our kids.

Can you believe that in 2007 I did not get pregnant or having a baby. It is a first for 5 years. I was pregnant with Liam in 2002, had Liam in 2003, I was pregnant with Reilly in 2003 and had him in 2004, then pregnant with Natalie in 2005 and had her in 2006. Scary!

I do not make New Years resolutions as I am sure that I will just set myself up to fail. I am going to try to be a better wife and invest more time in my hubby. I am promises to hug my kids more, play with them more and just love on them as much as I can. I do not know how long they will be mine and I want to make sure no matter what they know how much I love them.

Happy New Year to you all May God Bless you in the coming year with new experience, fun adventures and a love for Him!

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