My Birthday Weekend

The weekend was filled with fun and my birthday is not even until tomorrow. We went to the Seattle Aquarium with a dear friend from the past and her 2 kiddos on Friday and then Natalie and I got to go see Disney on Ice with my mom who spoiled us with dinner and lots of fun things from the show. I got 2 cards today from my very silly aunt Angie with $ for retail therapy that made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd my pants (which as I get older is becoming more of a problem...you know?).

I am so blessed. My friends and family are amazing and I am so thankful for the love I feel.


Halloween 2009

My SIL and I took the kids and headed to Yak this year to be with our other SIL and cousins. We had a lot of fun minus me being really sick. I got some good drugs from the pharmacy and managed my way through the weekend. The kids had fun visiting Mema and Papka Boobs and seeing all of their cousins. It was beautiful in Yakima and we enjoyed a very sunny days with temps in the 60's.


Being 3

I took these series of pictures of Natalie yesterday afternoon. It shows how fast a 3yr old can change from one expression, attitude to another in a matter of seconds.

LOL! My favorite is the mad look and I did not prompt her for any of these they just came naturally!


It is hard to imagine we are half way through October. I have been homeschooling for 6 weeks now! Kids are great growing fast.

We have been busy this month with all sorts of fun activities from celebrating Columbus Day, baking cookies (my favorite), making playdoh, harvest parties and carving pumpkins and we are only 1/2 way through the month.

This is my all time favorite time of year. I love the Fall!


We did the Puyallup!

Oh we did it alright...7 1/2 hrs at the fair. Yes, you read that right. $100 later we were broke, tired and hungry. We did not intend to stay that long, but my car was getting new tires on it. We dropped it off in the am, but they did not start until 3:30pm so I had to drag out the time. My camera ran out of batteries 15 min after we were there, fun! The kids had a lot of fun and they all loved rides. We met a girlfriend and her kids for part of the day. The favorite of course was the scrambler (even Natalie rode it). We found the John Deer store and that was fun. Reilly found a Gator which he loved. He wanted to know if we could "trade" his tractor for it. We love the 4H Dog Obedience Show, and just watching all the people and animals. The day ended by Natalie running (in flip flops) and vering off into the spa place, tripping, flying into the stairs and hitting her nose so hard she screamed a terrible scream. The entire fair seemed to go silent as everyone watch me. She is fine, but it was tramatic. It was such a long day topped off by daddie taking us to dinner at our favorite place, Red Robin.

Arts & Crafts

The kids love doing arts & crafts. Today we learned about South & Central America. We got to learn about all sorts of animals and cut & paste them on to our map. We learned about the Andes mountains, the rainforest, the grassland and the Amazon. The kids are like sponges with this stuff. They love looking at maps and trying to figure out where we are and how many miles away the rainforests are. Reilly even knew what a Scarlet McCaw was from Diego. Just proves my point that TV is not all bad, right?

Thommason Family Farm

We went to a new pumpkin patch this year just 4 mi from our house. It was great and cheap. I would highly recommend it as they had so much fun stuff for kids and decked out in John Deer so Reilly was thrilled. It was another great day!

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