We did the Puyallup!

Oh we did it alright...7 1/2 hrs at the fair. Yes, you read that right. $100 later we were broke, tired and hungry. We did not intend to stay that long, but my car was getting new tires on it. We dropped it off in the am, but they did not start until 3:30pm so I had to drag out the time. My camera ran out of batteries 15 min after we were there, fun! The kids had a lot of fun and they all loved rides. We met a girlfriend and her kids for part of the day. The favorite of course was the scrambler (even Natalie rode it). We found the John Deer store and that was fun. Reilly found a Gator which he loved. He wanted to know if we could "trade" his tractor for it. We love the 4H Dog Obedience Show, and just watching all the people and animals. The day ended by Natalie running (in flip flops) and vering off into the spa place, tripping, flying into the stairs and hitting her nose so hard she screamed a terrible scream. The entire fair seemed to go silent as everyone watch me. She is fine, but it was tramatic. It was such a long day topped off by daddie taking us to dinner at our favorite place, Red Robin.

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