Back to Rain...again!

Everytime it is sunny I spend the entire day running around trying to do all I can while the sun is here. We woke up to rain again today. So we are making the most of it. Natalie is feeling a bit under the weather. Liam and Reilly desperatley needed their hair cut so I busted out the clippers today. Boy does there hair grow fast! We are off to the basement to make the blow up jumper into a fort and watch a movie on the big screen. Hope you all have a great day!


Its a Sunny Day

Cavanaugh Clan Top 10
10. We made $275.00 on our garage sale - big success!
9. Got my hanging baskets up and feels like Spring.
8. Went to the gym 4x last week.
7. Lost 2lbs - it is a start!
6. Hung with my girlfriend Lindsay this week and kids played outside all day - it was great!
5. Liam is acting alot better towards me since him and Jason had a long
talk and some spankings - and he loves is Responsibility chart.
4. Almost finished with laundry I started over two weeks ago and I finally cleaned
our bathroom and kitchen - it was driving me crazy.
3. Spent time in the word today - finally.
2. Did I mention it is a SUNNY DAY - oh and I need to weed some more!
1. Jason is SINGING on Father's Day at church - a long time coming.
Hope you are all doing great - love you and I will try and post some new pics soon.
Love & God Bless,

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