80 Degrees...WHAT the Heck!

We had the most beautiful day today. The boys were dressed and outside playing by 8am. We packed a pic-a-nic lunch and headed to Lk. Wilderness to ride bikes, play on the playground, swim in the lake and eat.
We had a blast! Natalie got to have her first PB&J and she loved it - oh and I let her have some Cheetos and those were a hit - what a sucker I am! She like the PB&J so much she tried to eat Liam and Reilly's lunch as well. She is not lacking in the eating department that is for sure!

We then headed home to take naps. While everyone was napping Liam helped me mow the lawn and lay bark. The house is looking so good. This really is my favorite time of year. It used to be the fall but this years rain was pretty depressing for even me. I am loving the weather. I am sure I will pay for not being inside and doing laundry, but oh well!
There is a picture of Natalie holding the flower and it reminds me so much of a photo of me as a little girl. Check out Liam posing for the camera. It was hilarious. He was moving around saying "take a picture of me like this" "oh how about this".

Love, Jess

Reilly Roo The House Little Butterball

Cutie Pie Little Poser Little Miss Piggy

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