Happy 1st Birthday Natalie

It was one year ago this past Friday that I labored at home and had Natalie in about 1 hr on her due date. I can hardly believe a year has past and our baby is 1! No, I am not wanting another one, but it is just sad. She is growing up so fast.

She is a trooper even with a double ear infection she managed to have a great weekend with family and friends. Friday, Mema and Papka Goobs came over and we had dinner and chocolate cupcakes. She loved the chocolate! Then Saturday us girls went to Costco and out to run errands while Papka Goobs and the boys went on an adventure to the Auburn Train station. Sunday all the family from both sides came down to celebrate with us.

Natalie was such a little princess and just loved all the attention. She kept saying "wow" in this really cute voice and with pucker lips. She seemed to really have fun and I know we did. It is such a blessing to have such great family and friends. Liam and Reilly thought the whole thing was a lot of fun! Liam loved helping her open her presents and Reilly can not wait for his birthday. Next is cousin Grants in June. They have all the kids in the families birthdays memorized. Liam will list them all and then go "then it is mine"...like in a another 9 months!

Here are some pictures from the day. As always we miss those who could not be here and are always thinking of you :O)

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