I am loosing my mind

Yes, it is official...I am losing my mind. I went downstairs tonight to organize my "stockpiling" closet only to be missing 3 Spritzers, 2 Wishbone dressings and 2 Progressive soups. I can not find them anywhere. They were on my counter earlier when I took the darn picture. Then I moved them downstairs before sitting down to eat lunch. I have looked everywhere. At first I thought maybe I put them in the freezer with the toaster struddels...that would be something stupid I would do. Then I thought they might be in the bag still so I sifted through the garbage. Then it started to bug me and I mean bug me. I started going up and down the stairs. I looked in the fridge, pantry, laundry basket, car (just in case in my other personality I took them there after bringing them in the house). I looked everywhere, seriously; everywhere. It is still bothering me...so here I sit venting about it. I do all this great shopping and save all this money only to lose the items...ugh!

Now I will go to bed and sometime in the middle of the night my brain will wake me and tell me where I left those darn things. That is if I can get to sleep. I have lost it! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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