We have 6 new babies in our family...(don't freak out they are just baby chicks)

Okay so we have been talking about getting baby chicks. Today they had them at the Feed & Supply Store here in Black Diamond so we decided to get some. The boys were in love! We borrowed a bunny cage for their "brodder" and bought the heat lamp, feeder, feed, and water. We went on line to this great website www.backyardchickens.com and found all we needed to know about raising us some chickens.

So may I introduce to you...Freddie, JuJuBee, LullaBell, Firecracker (he is feisty), Thomas (of course) and Lola. We have a few boy names, but that is okay. The boys love their new little chicks and were so cute cuddling them. Natalie just giggles at them. She was down for a nap when I took these.

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