Sunny...I love this weather!

What a great day!

I am waiting for Reilly to get up from his nap so that we can go for a walk. Liam and Natalie are outside munching on frozen blueberries.

I just thought since I was sitting here I would post a few pictures from this weekend. We had a really fun time this weekend. My mom (a.k.a. Mema) came over for the weekend and we hung out and shopped (our favorite thing to do).

We did take the kids to get pictures at Yien Lui and they turned out really cute. We did some shopping and then Sunday went to church and Jason made us breakfast at home.
My mom is the best it was a lot of fun to hang out with her this weekend and the kids. The boys are finally not crying when she leaves and we just really enjoy when she comes and just hangs with us doing nothing. We love the plant tomatoes, work in the yard, play in the playground, go to DQ and on walks.
It was a great Mothers Day. The boys sang at church which was hilarious. Reilly stood with his hands in his pockets the entire time. Liam sang a few songs, but picked at his finger nails. When we picked them up they were all excited. Then Jason took me and the kids to Mexican for dinner last night which was nice - I had the entire day off from cooking! Yahoo!...messes were another story.

Here are some pics.



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