Hot! Hot! Hot!

WOW...it was 83 today! We had to break out the "land of fun" at the Cavanaugh house with the jumper, pool, t-pee, and all of the toys. It was a lot of fun today. We went for a walk on the trail today in MV with our friends Jenny, Shane and Ben. It was a great walk about 3 mi. The boys road there bikes (Reilly was in the stroller). Then we came home for lunch and naps. Then we have been playing like crazy!
Liam and Natalie got stung by a wasp which was not fun, but they are all over here. It was in the grass and Liam steped on it. So we had to have a popsicle and then another. Natalie loves them and loves sharing with her brother.
Have a good day,

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