Seaside, OR

We had such a great time this past weekend in Seaside. Our trip with our friends was so much fun. We stayed at this little place called Columbia Cottage owned by Red Door Properties (Pete in our groups mom). It was perfect for the kids and only two blocks away from the beach.
We had great weather the day we arrived and tehn pretty much rain. We had some breaks and tried to get to the beach when we could. It was really windy but the kids had plenty of time to play. We also took them to the Carosel and they loved that! It was challenging with all the kids and nap and bedtime, but we made it and the kids had so much fun together. Before we left Olivia was saying she wanted to go to our house to play. The boys were saying the same thing.
Minus the rainy drive home we had a ton of fun. Scott & Olivia stayed in a house behind us and Pete stayed in the condo next to us. Shaun & Anne shared a house with us. Hope you enjoy the pictures - I have so much more.

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