Update on Yuylia

Yuylia has been with us for 2 weeks now and seems to be enjoying herself. We have taken her to the Medical Screening which she was so afraid of the dentist and getting her blood drawn. She had a bad experience at home so no wonder she is scared. She loved playing on the big jumpy toys with the boys and her 2nd cousin Anastia. Anastia is staying with a family in Covington not to far from us so we have her coming over today to play with Yuylia.

We had Ksenyia our interpreter come over on Sunday for dinner with the family and just to hang out. She is so sweet and it was neat to hear all about her and to ask questions about Yuylia. We learned that she wants to see the ocean. She loves it hear and does not want to go home. She loves our babushka Mema. She likes all the craziness of our house and is bored when we are not busy with kids, etc. She loves hot dogs, chicken and potatoes oh and ice cream. She would like to have a slumber party with her friends that are here for her birthday. She likes Barbies and wants to learn how to swim. She is not homesick. I can hardly beleive that one, but she has only called home once.

We are scheduled for a dental appt on Wed. and it looks like she will need some fillings, but a lot of the cavities are on teeth that are baby teeth and will fall out in the next 6mo to 2 yrs. I am hoping she will be able to handle seeing the dentist. She got to go with us last night when I took all the kids. I think it was great for her to see them and that they enjoyed it.

Besides playing, swimming and just hanging out we really have not done any tourist things yet. I am hoping to get to the zoo soon and of course camping at the beach.

Stay tuned for more...

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