Day Two w/Yuylia

It has been two days so far. She went to bed last night without dinner at 6pm and she woke up at 8am. She obviously needed sleep. Even Liam, Reilly and Natalie slept until 8:45am which meant that I actually slept in as well...yahoo!

We made "bleeny" today which is pancakes and she liked them a lot. She did not use butter but tried the syrup and liked it. It is fun to watch her try new things and see what she likes and dislikes. Did you know she brought Lays potatoe chips from home that were Crab flavored. Seriously, I tried one and it tasted like crab and was disgusting. So I am sure she is thinking the same thing about things I am feeding her. She likes fruit a lot which is good to see, but she hardly eats.

We took Yuylia up to Samammish today to get some free clothes from a place called Kids Without Boarders which is a non profit organization that helps kids in need. It was fun and Yuylia got to see some of the other girls here. Natalie however, screamed and cried the entire 45min there and back. In Russian they call this "plakat". I actually had to stop and pull over to deal with Natalie and Yuylia just sat there. I wonder what she thinks of our little drama queen.

We then came home for lunch and quickly found out Yuylia does not like peanut butter and jelly. She got the opportunity to play the Wii with Liam who is actually getting good without words to show Yuylia how to work the remote and play with him. He is in heaven as she just does whatever he wants and does not complain, argue, or want to do anything different. She seems to enjoy his company. He of course loves being the boss!

We had roast tonight and she loved that but did not like Ranch, Italian or French dressing on her salad. She loves sweets, so I think she fits in well in this family.

We also got a chance to play with the neighbor kids and she enjoyed Saddie the neighbor girl who is almost 6. Oh and she does not like SNAKES! Seth has a garden snake he found and was carrying it around with them as the clan followed. They had fun outside jumping and swinging together.

Well to another day. What will tomorrow bring...


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