Welcome Yulyia

We picked up Yulyia last at the airport around 8:15pm. She speaks a little English to our suprise. She is adorable! She says things like "WOW" and "thank you". She is already teaching us a lot. Natalie is so attached and the boys are showing her all the fun they can have. She should be worn out by tonight!

Tonight we try Tacos. So far I have found she like Bananas, apples, carrots, Life cereal, vanilla yogurt and chocolate. She does not like eggs.

I think she things Will & Leila are our kids. She is a bit confused why we picked them up at Jenni's this morning. She likes Jason and came in the room this morning to say "good morning" to us both.

She likes Shrek and watch the movie today in English. She loves dolls and played most of the morning with Liam and the doll house. They are somehow communicating really good together. I guess kids have their own language.

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