A Summer Reflection of random thoughts

It is another June and well what happened to this past year? As I reflect on how fast the kids are growing and life is passing us by I think to myself "what are we doing here? what is our purpose in life?" I think it is good to sometimes question yourself or as I like to say "check" yourself just to be aware of what it is all for. For me it is understanding that my life is so much greater then paycheck to paycheck, bills, traffic, gas prices, weather and so much more then this world has to offer.

In this world we live in it is easy to get bogged down by all we have to get done and all we want to accomplish. One thing I am wanting is a Simple Life. I want so much to just enjoy watching the kids grow. Love the way God has asked me to love without all the baggage and garbage that holds me down. Love is so simple and easy, but Pride, ego, hurts, emotions, feelings, past history all make it complicated.

I know it can not always be easy...like the "easy" button. We have to have trials to grow in wisdom and in faith. All things happen for a reason, but I still question if this is "it". I mean is this really the life God called me to live? I LOVE being a mother and a wife. It is the most challenging yet satisfying job I am sure I will ever have. I am not even sure what I am trying to say...I just have such a desire to serve the Lord and make a difference. I feel like right now I am just here and watching life pass by. The kids are getting older. We are getting older. The house is getting older (and needing more then I can handle).

What is our purpose?

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