Christmas Eve with Mema & Papka Goobs

Mema (my mom) and Papka Goobs got up really early today and drove over to spend the day with us and the kids. It was so much fun! The kids got to open presents and play all day. Natalie got a new riding toy. Liam got more Lionel track and Percy, which he was so excited about and Reilly got a dump truck with a crane. It ended up being some what nice out this afternoon and he even got to go dig in the dirt.

Jason and I got away for a little lunch date and some shopping. It was just a fun day. We were so glad they made the trip over for the day to see us. Since we are spending Christmas alone this year with just the kids it was nice to get to be with them for the day. Oh yeah, the family got walkie talkies (the real ones) and I got diamond earings...seriously they are beautiful and I pray that I do not loose them!!

May God Bless you and your family this Christmas with the gift of His salvation. It is a true blessing to know we are in His family!

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