Cavanaugh Family Game Night

I have eagerly anticipated this day...when all the Cavanaugh's gather under one roof to hash out all life's pressing issues, discuss current politics, eat, play, and have fun together as a family.

It was another year together. I can hardly believe how grown up all the kids are getting. It was such a blessing to have us all together for the day. The Wii was the big hit amongst the kids (and the adults). Uncle Bill took everyone to "strikesville" and the LIAM-I-NATOR was on a role to "spareville". Laura and I rocked the house to "We are Family" and danced with Jack to "walking on Sunshine" oh and "KungFu Fighting". Grant, Maddie, and Uncle Mike duked it out in boxing. Grant was sweating and had to cool of in the shower (literally).

Pop-Pop relaxed on the couch and played games with the kids. Nana and her bummed out knee relaxed as well...we got her to even bowl. Jason broke out the guitar for a little Christmas music with the kids. Uncle Icky and his broken ankle hobbled around. It was the year of the injured!

Nathan and Natalie had fun together climbing and wrestling. They got along so good.

These are the true meanings of Christmas...gathered together as a family. Loving one another and spending time together. It is a true blessing!

We can not wait till next year when Eric & Jodi have another addition that makes grand baby #8. Yikes!

Merry Christmas.

P.S. Notice all the pictures with me in them...I just had to be in some pictures this year even if it meant me taking them. Ha! Ha!

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